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29. 3. 2013




Saldys IAS/TAS v1.3 for print (Microsoft WORD 97-2003-2007)
For all versions of game. I used for conversion Bomsight Table2 program.

For conversion use only the speedometer in the cockpit of bombers, not speedbar!

All values are converted to the metric system in your bombsight. Dont use, if you have imperial.

Attention for rookie: On all winter maps must calculate with the repair conversion. When you throw in high altitude, you must to target throw slightly behind target. Winter causes a slight slowing of bombs. Bombs then fall before the target.

1) IAS/TAS 1200-3100 Kph/Meters
2) IAS/TAS 3100-5000 Kph/Meters
3) IAS/TAS 4900-7100 Kph/Meters
4) IAS/TAS 6800-8200 Kph/Meters

5) IAS/TAS for TB-3 Kph/Meters
6) IAS/TAS for Do 217 Kph/Meters
7) IAS/TAS for Pe-2 Kph/Meters
8) IAS/TAS for Ar-234* Kph/Meters

9) IAS/TAS for A-20+Blenheim**MPH/Feet
10) IAS/TAS for B-24,B-25 MPH/Feet

11) IAS/TAS 1200-3100 Japan Kn/Meters
12) IAS/TAS 3100-5000 Japan Kn/Meters

*Winter and sommer tables. Jet engines flight in winter much faster,therefore I used 2 tables. 

**Bombsight in Blenheim (hsfx7) is incorrect, table fix this error.





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